Cloud & Hosting

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Cloud Storage

  • Save all your documents to a secured and encrypted cloud platform.  Guarantee that your documents are always backed up and always available when needed from anywhere on laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Web Design


  • Our expert designers will walk you through every step, from designing the perfect site to hosting it for you.



  • Create custom business email accounts and configure to all your devices.  Gain credibility and cohesive branding. Email services are FREE for non-profits.


Application Hosting


  • Why buy licenses or worry about upgrades for your Microsoft Office Suite, Photoshop and more? We can host your company software on the cloud and present it to your workers on their computers, tablets, and smartphones. No installation required. Plus, upgrades to the latest versions are automatic.

Desktop Hosting


  • We can even host your entire company's Windows desktop systems.   No need to buy new desktops or laptops every few years. Plus, security and software updates are automatic. 

About our Data Centers


We operate 2 fully redundant state-of-the-art data centers equipped with:

  • Multiple utility power supplies

  • Backup diesel generator 

  • Redundant Servers with redundant power supplies

  • Backup UPS power batteries

  • Redundant internet connections with multiple carriers

  • Redundant Storage

  • Redundant networking and security appliances


Security & Monitoring


Our security experts and administrators can provide you with:

  • Endpoint Antivirus and anti-malware scans

  • Server Antivirus (physical and virtualized, agentless solutions)

  • Log collection

  • Vulnerability Scans

With today's risks, you need a trusted partner to provide the best security services.

  • Network Intrusion Protection Devices/Intrusion Detection Devices

  • Server and desktop host Prevention intrusion

  • Network/server Monitoring

We can give you real-time information on:

  • Server usage (memory, CPU, hard drive usage and more)

  • Internet & Network usage

  • Websites visited

  • Hacking attempts

  • Virus infections and malware

Operations & Administration

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Helpdesk & Administration

  • Our qualified helpdesk analysts and system administrators have a wide range of experience. We can help with day-to-day computer issues and management of your existing services.

Our Services include:

  • Remote and Onsite Helpdesk

  • Remote and Onsite System Administration

  • Remote and Onsite Database Administration

  • Remote and Onsite Network Administration

  • Network and server monitoring


  • Do you have inefficient processes that waste time and money and require multiple approvals? We can help you digitize end-to-end business processes. 

We can help you:

  • Digitize the invoicing process

  • Eliminate paper

  • Improve business processes


Data Centers & Disaster Recovery

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Data Centers

  • Tired of managing your own servers, network, and datacenters? Let us take the headache from you so you can focus on your business. We provide with full data centers services. We can help you manage your existing data center or move all your servers and desktops to our state-of-the-art data centers OR Google, Amazon or Microsoft clouds.

We can help with:

  • Setting up brand new datacenters

  • Moving your existing datacenters

  • Setting up hot standby datacenter

  • Virtualization your existing data center

  • Setting up disaster recovery

  • Data backup and recovery

Disaster Recovery

  • When a disaster strikes, don't lose your important data. We can help you create or modernize your disaster recovery plan. We replicate machines at a transactional level with a recovery point objective (RPO) of 20 seconds or less.

Move to our data center and save money. How?

  • Save on power

  • Save on staff (no need for network staff, storage staff, security staff and service desk staff)

  • Save on hardware (PCs, servers, network equipment, etc.)